Sudeep Verma

Vaughan-Woodbridge CPC Nomination Candidate

Sudeep is running to bring back common sense Conservative values: strength, leadership, discipline, family, and community. A successful entrepreneur and business owner, Sudeep has been active in the community for decades, volunteering and creating jobs through his businesses.

Sudeep is ready to stand up and take action on the crises unleashed by Justin Trudeau and his failed decade of spiraling costs and liberal scandals. The fight for Vaughan-Woodbridge begins now.

Join us. Bring change to Vaughan-Woodbridge and all of Canada. Support Sudeep to secure the Conservative nomination, defeat Trudeau, axe the tax, and make life more affordable.

With your support, Vaughan-Woodbridge will be back in business.

Bring it home — for all of us.